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I’ll admit, I’ve heard of ChatRoulette, but I can’t say I’ve ever actually tried it. The basic concept is that you get online with your webcam and get paired with random people. And you chat. Or show your boobs. Or whatever. This guy chose to compose and sing songs about the people he was connected with, on the spot. And he did it really, really well. Check out this video of him making new friends (and possibly enemies), and generally being the funny, musical dude I wish I was:

Ben Folds apparently liked the idea, and decided to pay homage to it. So he decided to do the same thing, live, during a concert in Charlotte, NC. Awesome.

Christoph Waltz is awesome. He was completely deserving of his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for portraying Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds. Eduard Khil is awesome too. His wordless singing has been all the rage on the internets lately, and still makes me laugh after about 25 viewings. So it stands to reason that Christoph Waltz + Eduard Khil = TOO MUCH AWESOME. Waltz did a bit for Jimmy Kimmel Live where he pays homage to the Russian singer:

How does Kimmel get folks to do these videos? He is truly one of comedy’s greatest heroes. Thank you Jimmy. Thank you.

This is genius. It’s a generic trailer that points out the cliches and stereotypes that riddle Oscar winning movies. Funny stuff, and appropriate to watch during the Oscars:

Love Sandra Bullock or hate her, you have to admit she’s a good sport. Bullock is up for a Best Actress Oscar tonight for her role in The Blind Side, but she’s already won a big award this week. Last night she received an award from the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation for Worst Actress for All About Steve. Typically folks who win Razzies don’t show up to give a speech, but Bullock did. And it was quite an acceptance speech. Check it out:

Something tells me if she wins an Oscar tonight her speech won’t be quite as funny…
UPDATE: She won the Oscar, meaning she’s GOT to be the only person to win the Best Actress Oscar and Worst Actress Razzie in the same year. She’s certainly the only person to do that AND go to high school with my uncle…

I like a good sophisticated joke as much as the next guy, but I can also appreciate more direct forms of humor. While it may be funny to carefully setup a joke and execute it perfectly, it’s also funny to watch Beaker sing “Dust in the Wind” and catch on fire. Witness:

Sometimes an idea comes along and the only word you can use to describe it is “inspired”. Nic Cage as Everyone is a blog devoted to a very simple, but equally brilliant idea: photoshop Nic Cage into every role imaginable. Users contribute their unique visions of how the inimitable Mr. Cage would fit into movies, posters, photos, or whatever strikes their fancy. The skill involved varies widely, but that doesn’t much matter to the results. There are some absolute gems, like Ace Ventura, Borat, Gandalf, The Boss, Paula Deen, and of course, Han Solo. Pure, unadulterated, genius.

You’ve probably seen Jason Segal in movies or on TV. He was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up, and he’s on How I Met Your Mother. He is a genius. He joined The Swell Season on stage in Los Angeles and performed an original song. One where he gave out his phone number. And invited women to call him, come to his house, and have sex with him. See? Genius. And hilarious. Take a look:

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Yesterday I saw a story on CNN about a Russian circus worker being killed by an ice skating bear. After reading that, a co-worker sent me this video. Apparently she couldn’t find one of an ice skating bear, but no worries, she found monkeys on skates. Doing tricks. In bad winter clothing. If there’s anything funnier than monkeys doing human things, I’ve never seen it:

Storm Troopers feeding pigeons on their day off

What do Storm Troopers do when they get a rare day off from their imperial duties? It’s a question I’ve never thought of, frankly. But one I’m sure has been discussed by hard core Star Wars nerds ad nauseum. Well now, thanks to a creative photographer, we know what they do when they’re not carrying out the Empire’s evil bidding.


This is just a small sample of the candid shots. For the rest head on over to the photographer’s Flickr page.

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