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It’s well known that there are a dearth of new ideas coming out of Hollywood. Movie studios constantly push out sequels, remakes, reboots, and video game adaptations. So is it far-fetched to believe that a desperate studio would turn to one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises for next year’s blockbuster? This trailer for Mario Kart: The Movie is a spoof. But let’s be honest with ourselves: we’ve already seen a Super Mario Brothers movie, so a real movie based on Mario Kart wouldn’t be a surprise.

What do you get when you combine Lego, old-school Nintendo games, and music made from old gaming system chips? 8-bits of awesome that took 1500 hours to make. That’s almost 190 8-hour days. Goddamn. It’s worth it though. Check it out:

This is just genius. The mad scientists at have slavishly studied the trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, then recreated it with amazing detail. Only instead of a band of American soldiers hunting Nazis, their version features a ragtag group of Italian plumbers, ready to take down the evil Koopas. The results are hilarious. Check it out:

Thanks to Blair for the tip.

How cool would it be to play Tiger Woods at golf? Probably not that cool, because you don’t stand a chance in hell at winning. But how cool would it be to play Tiger Woods at Tiger Woods Golf? Now we’re talking, since he’s probably a mere mortal at the game.

Jimmy Fallon put this to the test on his show, taking on Tiger on the 11th hole of Bethpage Black (the course Tiger just played for the US Open). Would he be able to show Tiger up at his own game? Or would Tiger prove that he’s a golf master, no matter the medium? Watch and find out:

The Beatles: Rock Band

The mega electronics show E3 is going on now, and with it comes a bunch of sneak previews. One of the big previews was for the upcoming continuation of the Rock Band franchise, appropriately titled The Beatles: Rock Band. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Yoko Ono even showed up at the press conference to help get things going. Once the Harmonix folks started showing off the game it became apparently they’ve pulled out all the stops. How so?

  • Multi-part harmonies – for the first time you’ll be able to do three-part harmonies in the game
  • Scenes recreated from The Beatles history, from The Cavern to Shea Stadium, from Abbey Road studios to the Rooftop Concert
  • Replicas of the band’s iconic instruments (John’s Rickenbacker guitar, George’s Gretsch, Paul’s Hofner bass, and Ringo’s Ludwig drums). Check out the pics (and click for the full-sized version):
The Rickenbacker guitar from The Beatles: Rock BandThe Gretsch Guitar from The Beatles: Rock BandThe Hofner bass from The Beatles: Rock BandThe Ludwig drums from The Beatles: Rock Band

Not excited yet? Then check out the promo video, which shows the various locations and a few of the songs that are included:

Hopefully your interest is as piqued as mine is now. Unfortunately there’s still a bit of a wait. The Beatles: Rock Band doesn’t come out until September 9th.

Nintendo is getting set to release an updated version of Punch Out, sans Mike Tyson, next week. They’ve put together a promo that shows how Little Mac has prepared for his big comeback. If you were a fan of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out you’ll pick up on the little touches that make this funny. And, if you’re a fan of The Wire you’ll recognize Isiah Whitlock Jr, the man that brought State Sen. Clay Davis to life. Sheeiiiit!

VH1 is bringing back Behind the Music

VH1 is bringing back Behind the Music. This seems like it should be a good idea, but then I got to thinking: what bands from the last decade would they do? And would any of them be interesting? I can’t imagine any scenario where I’d want to watch a Nickleback epidode of Behind the Music

The SciFi Channel changing its name to Syfy. Must be Klingon for “watched by dorks who speak Klingon”. I’m not sure I understand this move. Geeks are notorious for resisting change. And you have to think SciFi’s core audience is geeks. So why change the name? Smells like desperation to me.

David Prowse with Darth VaderMore bad news for geeks: Darth Vader has cancer. David Prowse, the man in the Darth Vader costume, is battling prostate cancer.

Here’s a little something to keep our geeky friends going though: The International Society of Supervillains.

Jim Carrey’s new prison comedy is too gay for American audiences. This is a change from most of his recent movies, which weren’t funny enough for any audience…

A pig made out of porkNow THAT’S a proper way to pay tribute to a pig: Take bacon, sausage links, ham, and ground sausage, form it into the shape of a pig, add some chili peppers for a ears and a tail, and worship at a porcine shrine.

Jason Segal’s script for The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time is apparently shaping up nicely.

poster for Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things AreThe first poster for Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are is out, and it’s good. Really good. Click the picture to see the full thing. The wild thing itself looks particularly good. The first trailer should be out shortly, and I’m hoping it will build on the test footage that leaked out last year. The movie is currently set to hit theaters October 16th.

Finally, in light of all the controversy about the male full-frontal nudity in Watchmen, check out this fake NES game starring Watchmen‘s Dr Manhattan and his big blue schlong:

Weekend at Bernies, with a twist<-- This is really, really wrong. But I laughed. You've probably been asking yourself this question for years: How would Frank Miller interpret Charlie Brown?

Like Tetris? Wonder what it would be like to play it in HD? Here you go. Be warned: it’s quite possibly the most irritating/boring game ever constructed.

Behold the McGangBangI just don’t have the balls to walk into a McDonalds and order a McGangBang. No, I’m not making it up.

There’s gotta be a reaaaallly good story behind this. I mean, how do you even go about getting the lion in the sidecar?

Elton John’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was the number 1 song in the US when I was born. This saddens me deeply.

There was a cat fight at America’s Next Top Model. If they end up putting this in the show I might actually consider watching it. Well, probably not. But it’s still cool.

The cast of SeinfeldThe cast of Seinfeld is reuniting for a few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm! This is doubly cool because I didn’t even know Curb Your Enthusiasm was coming back for another season. I can’t wait!

Kevin Smith is set to direct a new movie he didn’t write, starring Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan. Don’t worry though; it’s still about dicks.

Jimmy Kimmel’s security guard Guillermo has the lead role in X-Men Origins: Wolberine. Funny stuff.

The state song of Oklahoma is by The Flaming Lips. The state passed a resolution making the Tusla natives’ “Do You Realize?” the official state rock song, though they let the Rogers & Hammerstein song “Oklahoma” stay the overall state song. “Do You Realize?” is a good song, but I can only assume the state hasn’t gotten a pre-release copy of Bishop Allen’s Grrr…, because there’s a song on there that would be perfect. Anyway, here’s the Flaming Lips song, in case you’re not familiar with it:

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The Beatles edition of Rock Band is coming September 9th. You can get it with instruments inspired by what The Fab Four played, or just get the game. No word on the track list yet, but come on, it’s The Beatles, you know it will be good.

Finally, Watchmen is finally out, and I will find a way to go see it tomorrow. Until then, amuse yourself by watching what Watchmen would have looked like as a Saturday morning cartoon:

Sometimes the hardest part of posting random things from the internet is just figuring out how to describe them. Take this video for example. It’s one guy, singing four parts, accompanied by himself on a violin, performing his own arrangement of themes from Legend of Zelda theme music. While wearing 5 different, unrelated costumes. Makes, perfect sense, right? Ok, no, it doesn’t make any sense at all. But it IS interesting:

via BoingBoing

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