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I’ll admit, I’ve heard of ChatRoulette, but I can’t say I’ve ever actually tried it. The basic concept is that you get online with your webcam and get paired with random people. And you chat. Or show your boobs. Or whatever. This guy chose to compose and sing songs about the people he was connected with, on the spot. And he did it really, really well. Check out this video of him making new friends (and possibly enemies), and generally being the funny, musical dude I wish I was:

Ben Folds apparently liked the idea, and decided to pay homage to it. So he decided to do the same thing, live, during a concert in Charlotte, NC. Awesome.

Christoph Waltz is awesome. He was completely deserving of his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for portraying Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds. Eduard Khil is awesome too. His wordless singing has been all the rage on the internets lately, and still makes me laugh after about 25 viewings. So it stands to reason that Christoph Waltz + Eduard Khil = TOO MUCH AWESOME. Waltz did a bit for Jimmy Kimmel Live where he pays homage to the Russian singer:

How does Kimmel get folks to do these videos? He is truly one of comedy’s greatest heroes. Thank you Jimmy. Thank you.

Sure, it wasn’t as funny as the Doritos samurai or the Snickers commercial that had Betty White getting tackled, but I think my favorite ad from the Super Bowl was Google’s. It’s rare that a 30 second commercial manages to tell a whole story, with a beginning, a middle, and a happy ending. The little touches, like the suggestions that come up as our protagonist is typing, leading you in different directions, are exceedingly well done. Instead of using cheap gimmicks to get easy laughs, Google raised the bar and went for something memorable for the right reasons. Bravo. C’est magnifique.

Inglourious Basterds bar sceneJust in time for Christmas, Quentin Tarantino’s masterful Inglourious Basterds is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray. And it’s not some sort of slapped together, bare bones, rush job either. It’s a two-disc edition, with all sorts of bonus material. It comes out December 15th, but you can pre-order it 50% off at Amazon. Mom, if you’re reading, you don’t need to ask what I want for Christmas…

Let’s shift from movies coming out on DVD to movies getting ready to made. If you’re a fan of Chuck Klosterman’s writing you’ll be happy to know that his book Fargo Rock City is getting made into a movie. That, in and of itself, is kind of interesting. But what makes it more interesting is WHO is making the movie: Craig Finn, lead singer of The Hold Steady, and Tom Ruprecht, a writer for Late Night with David Letterman. No word on a release date yet, but you can bet I’ll be there.
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Yesterday I saw a story on CNN about a Russian circus worker being killed by an ice skating bear. After reading that, a co-worker sent me this video. Apparently she couldn’t find one of an ice skating bear, but no worries, she found monkeys on skates. Doing tricks. In bad winter clothing. If there’s anything funnier than monkeys doing human things, I’ve never seen it:

Spike Jonze is cool. So it stands to reason that if he started a blog, the blog would be cool. Well, he has, and it is. He’s setup We Love You So, a blog ostensibly devoted to the inspirations behind his work on Where the Wild Things Are. He doesn’t stop with the inspirations though. He posts things that he just thinks are cool. And since he’s cool, if he thinks they’re cool, by the transitive property of cool, they must actually be cool.

Along with the site, we get this video of Spike testing out an early prototype of the Wild Things mask on a poor, though very suspecting, child:

via SlashFilm

Gandalf vs Darth Vader

Have you and your friends ever sat around and debated who would win a fight between Darth Vader and Gandalf? Or Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones? Or Luke Skywalker vs Spock? If so, you’re a dork. But you’re also in luck. Milo Ventimigla, aka Peter Petrelli on Heroes, is working on a new internet series that will pit geek fixtures against each other. Called Ultradome, the series will consist of three- to five-minute episodes which feature the classic characters locked in combat using their legendary skills and weapons. Sounds pretty badass.

Check for the first episodes of Ultradome this summer.

The US Postal Service announces Simpsons stamps

After 20+ years on the air The Simpsons are finally getting some recognition. The Postal Service announced Simpsons stamps this week. Fans of the show can go to the USPS site and vote for their favorite stamp. Oh, and the release of the stamps in May happens to correspond with the price of stamps going up 2 cents. D’oh!

Speaking of things that are overdue, every Beatles album is getting remastered and re-released. The new editions will be out on September 9th, corresponding with the release of the Rock Band Beatles edition. Truthfully I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, the mix on the current batch of Beatles CDs isn’t great, so it would be nice to get an upgrade. On the other hand, the vast majority of music these days is mixed WAY too loud, to the point where it eliminates the dynamics and clips damn near everything. Don’t want to see that happen to The Beatles. We’ll just have to wait and see how these turn out.

a Lego model of the Japanese Battleship YamotoAre we getting to the point where Lego is a legitimate artistic medium for sculpture? Or at least as a serious model making medium? Seeing this recreation of the Japanese Battleship Yamoto in Lego I would have to say yes. The artist’s site has more pictures of this amazing creation.

Eastbound and Down is coming back for a second season. If you didn’t catch the first season on HBO you don’t know what you’ve missed. Danny McBride, who you may recognize from Pineapple Express or Tropic Thunder, plays a former major league relief pitcher whose arm gave out. He returns to his hometown and teaches gym while he works on his comeback. The show’s not for the faint of heart though. McBride’s character, Kenny Powers, is a racist, egocentric redneck. His catchphrase as a pitcher was “You’re Fuckin’ Out!”. In short, if you’re easily offended, maybe this isn’t the show for you.

Speaking of coming back, The Rentals have a set of new EPs on the way. They’re calling the series Songs About Time, and there will be one release every three months through the end of the year. You can pre-order the set now, plus purchase or stream the four songs from the first installment, The Story of a Thousand Seasons Past, at their site.

Peeps Lip Balm:  the unholiest of the unholiesThis is just unholy: Peeps Lip Balm.

Google and Univeral Music have decided to play nicely. In order to appease Universal’s concerns about their music videos on YouTube, the two companies will launch Vevo, a site dedicated to videos from Universal artists. I feel like as a music fan and internet junkie I should have an opinion on this, but oddly I don’t.

Finally, a group of film students in England have started what I hope will be the next big internet trend: Films in One Minute, One Take. They’re remaking big Hollywood movies, but in one continuous take that lasts one minute. Since they’re made on a very low budget, props are homemade. They’ve put together two so far, Forest Gump in One Minute, One Take and Kill Bill 1 & 2 in One Minute, One Take. Both are brilliant, but I’m partial to Kill Bill. Check it out:

Weezer has a new album coming out June 3rd, but the first video is already out. It’s for the song “Pork and Beans”, and it features many stars of YouTube, along with other fads from teh internets. It’s kicks a wee bit o’ ass:

via BoingBoing

Chuck Norris
Here’s a fun little experiment. Just go to Google and type in “find Chuck Norris” and hit “I Feel Lucky”. What you get is a chilling reminder of the power the bearded one holds…

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