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My last post about random stuff seemed to work out pretty well, so let’s give it another shot. It’s been an odd week, so there’s lots of strange stuff to go over.

the super-stuffed oreoBehold the Mega Double Stuf Oreo. This, and more tastiness signs of the culinary apocalypse at This is Why You’re Fat, including a Corn Dog Pizza, a 60lb Rice Krispy treat, and a seven pound breakfast burrito. Most of the stuff on the site looks disgusting, but I’m ashamed to admit there are a couple of tasty-looking treats.

Watch out Titanic! The Dark Knight officially broke the $1 billion mark. I don’t know if that completely makes up for not being nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, but I’m sure the folks at Warner Bros won’t complain.

Mario finally accomplished what Shredder never could. Bebop and Rocksteady couldn’t be reached for comment.

Shaq uses Twitter. A lot. To connect with fans. In a diner. Shaq is a huge dork cool.

Robbert BobbertApples in Stereo frontman Robert Schneider’s getting a kids show. Schneider’s cartoon alter-ego Robbert Bobbert is coming to TV via the folks behind the incredibly trippy Yo Gabba Gabba. Bobbert’s also got a whole CD of kids music coming out.

Mike Myers and Paris Hilton are WINNERS!. Well, kind of. They each “won” three awards at last night’s Razzies, the anti-Oscars. Myers’ three awards, Worst Actor, Worst Screenplay, and Worst Picture, were all tied to his participation in The Love Guru. Hilton snagged three awards for two different movies, The Hottie and the Nottie and Repo! The Genetic Opera. Congratulations to both!

What’s the next step in the evolution of Lolcats? In Soviet Russia Lolcats use better grammar

Uber-douche Michael Bay is finally getting an Oscar. Not!


Keming - the result of improper kerning
I know, I’m a big dork, but I think this is hilarious. Don’t get it? This might help.

From the twisted genius David Friedman at Ironic Sans

w00t is Webster’s Word of the Year
Merriam-Webster has named it’s Word of the Year for 2007, and the winner is “w00t!”. If you’re not a gamer or interweb geek you may be thinking “What the hell is w00t!?” It’s a general-purpose interjection expressing joy or excitement, usually used when smiting one’s enemies or scoring cool stuff. Note that the two middle letters are zeroes, because the word stems from L33t, the hacker spelling system.

There are a bunch of theories about the origin of “w00t!”, but they all center around online gaming. The two most plausible are:

  • It’s an acronym for “we owned other team”, originating in online games like Counter Strike
  • It’s RPG shorthand for “wow, loot!”

I think “w00t!” is a great word, but I’m a little dissapointed. I would have voted for “pwned”…

via BoingBoing

Interjections!I can’t believe I’ve made it 144 posts without going all grammar-geek on y’all, but the times they are a changin’. Slate has a good article about how the internet is giving credibility to the redheaded-stepchild of grammar: the interjection!. If you’re not sure what an interjection! is, check out the Wikipedia entry, or listen to this School House Rock explanation:


(From Eddie From Ohio’s “School House Rock Medley”, live at Bad Habits 12/15/1998)

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