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Happy π Day

Srinivasa Ramanujan's equation for determining pi
Today, 3/14, is Pi Day, a day to embrace your inner dork and rationally celebrate the irrational number behind such hits as “the circumference of a circle”, “the area of a sphere”, and “Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle“. So at 1:59 have a piece of pie, and in the true spirit of the day, calculate the area of the pie (πr2). If you’re not able to chow down on some pie, here are a couple of alternative ways to celebrate:

Hard n Phirm’s song, “Pi”:

“Lose Yourself in the Digits”

Maybe a pi-ku (a poem that uses the syllabic form of haiku, with each successive word being the number of letters of its respective digit in pi, and describing pi)

Let C over D
(wheel perimeter on height)
equal its value.

Or, for a little perspective, here’s a Dinosaur Comic on the problems with Pi Day.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Pi Day, enjoy it. I’m just bummed our stupid calendar system doesn’t give us a chance to celebrate Φ Day

Nancy Reagan on Santa's lap, only Santa is Mr. T
If you had a dream where you saw Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s lap, and Mr. T was dressed as Santa Claus, and Nancy was kissing him on the forehead while holding a Mr. T, Gentle Giant doll, you’d either check yourself into the nearest mental institution or assume you’d eaten something very strange the night before.  But here’s a picture of just that.  How fucking bizzare can things get?

If anyone has any idea of the context of this photo I’d love to hear it…

I have no idea who this band is, what the song is, or even what language it’s in. But watch this video. And pay attention to the drummer. Wait until you see what he does at 3:03…

Heidi Klum, half-nekkid, rocking out, Risky Business style. A watershed moment in advertising…

Carrie Underwood covering Guns n’ Roses

(I’ll admit, I watched this about 5 times before I noticed the game on the TV in the background…)

Hulk Hogan with his family (from the reality show Hogan Knows Best)
Pro Wrestler and reality TV star Hulk Hogan might want to start paying attention to those uber-irritating eHarmony commercials. Hogan’s wife Linda filed for divorce this week, and it what can only be seen as a bad sign, the Hulkster found out about it from a reporter seeking comment. Yoink.

Hogan and his family have been featured on the VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best for the past few years. Recent episodes showed Hulk and Linda attending counseling, but also showed them reconciling. Guess that didn’t work out.

No problem Hulkster. Just say your prayers and eat your vitamins and everything will work out.

The full scoop’s at MSNBC

Dwight Schrute Bobblehead Halloween Costume
Rob at Cockeyed.com is building a fantastic Halloween costume. He’s going to be Dwight Schrute from The Office. Well, kind of. He’s going to be Dwight’s bobblehead. Genius.

Check out all his pictures of the construction and watch the progress

via BoingBoing

Happy Birthday to Me

In honor of today being my birthday, I’ve compiled a few birthday tunes, and a list of cool people who happen to share the day with me:

  • Charles Calvert, 3rd Baron Baltimore, Governor of the Province of Maryland
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the United States
  • Lester Young, jazz saxophone player (aka Prez, aka Pork Pie Hat)
  • Mother Teresa, human rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize, Atheist?
  • Sgt. Slaughter, professional wrestler
  • Paul “Pee-Wee Herman” Reubens
  • Alex Lifeson, guitarist from Rush
  • Sarah Chalke, actress from Scrubs (on the very same day!!!)

If you look at Wikipedia’s full list of births you may notice a trend: there are an awful lot of Nobel Prize winners. I guess August 27th is a day when geniuses are born…

Andrew Bird - The Happy Birthday Song

The Sugarcubes - Birthday

Thelonious Monk - Boo Boos Birthday

And an appropriate bit of comedy from Sterling, Virginia’s most bitter son, Patton Oswalt:
Patton Oswalt - You Are Allowed 20 Birthday Parties

This is a hysterical satire of an anti-pornography film from the 1960s. It artfully presents the absurdity of the uptight puritanical factions of the US.

What’s that you say? This isn’t satire? It’s serious? Oh. Well then. Then it’s basically just offensive. Throughout the film the narrator alleges that viewing pornographic images will turn the viewers into “perverts”. What the hell does that mean? And I’d love to know where they got the figure that 75-90% of pornography ends up in the hands of children. The only thing this video convinced me is that I hope that the sort of people who made it give up fucking and their backward-ass attitudes towards sex disappear.

There’s really nothing I can add to this article

Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon
Some industrious Star Wars fan built his own Darth Vader hot air balloon. I’m not sure about you, but I’d put Hot Air Balloon along with Parachute on my list of things I’m not making myself…

Link to the details
via BoingBoing

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